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This is a static archive of the domnit.org blog,
which Lenny Domnitser wrote between 2006 and 2009.

Tasting My Morning Jacket

There are a few My Morning Jacket songs floating around the free, legal parts of the Internet, but there’s no simple list of them. More accurately, only this list will put MMJ on my friends’ computers. This list only contains downloadable studio tracks, but if you look in the obvious places, there are a lot of streams and live shows available.

Once these songs get sufficiently lodged in your head, go ahead and buy their CDs, except for Z, which their label copy-protected. You can get that one on vinyl, or whatever it is people do these days to get music when they don’t buy the CD.

[1] This file is from the Wired CD, a compilation. It is the same as the version on It Still Moves.

Bonnaroo 2006 Awards

Highlights from the parts of Bonnaroo 2006 that I made it to.

Best activity
There was a chunk of metal shaped somewhat like a flipped canoe with poles and plates randomly jutting out of it. Wooden sticks, for hitting this percussion sculpture, were on the ground. I was lucky to get to it on Thursday afternoon, since it started breaking by Thursday night, and was closed off by Saturday night.
Worst activity
Dealing with Greyhound. Yes, this beats shitting in a porta-potty under the Tennessee sun.
Best gimmick
During the Beck show, a small puppet stage was on the main stage, with marionettes carefully mimicking each band member. The only thing missing from the puppet stage was its own miniature stage.
Worst gimmick
Matisyahu: “Baruch atah adonai … do you know what these words mean? … I’m talking about peace and love, yo, peace and love …”. His music is great, but the shtick is so transparent.
Best bands discovered at Bonnaroo
The Cat Empire is a two-singer Aussie party band. They played on Thursday, before the first official day of the festival, but the crowd was large and wild.
Andrew Bird makes you rethink the violin.
Band I came to see and was as awesome as expected
The best thing Radiohead did during their show was be Radiohead.
Bands I came to see and rocked even harder than I expected
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers played the classics along with unreleased new music, improvised songs, and brought Stevie Nicks out. Over 30 years, Petty has perfected the art of crowd-pleasing.
I found out about Bonnaroo by looking at My Morning Jacket dates. Their midnight to 3 am set, which ran half an hour over schedule, reminded me why they became one of my favorite bands in the short year that I have been listening to them.

Color Illusion

Try this fun optical illusion. Something to do with cones, I think.

ESPN 101

As I was watching today’s soccer, my brother flipped from la Copa Mundial to the World Cup on ESPN, after being fed up with the new Spanish commentator yelling gol! gol! gol! gol! instead of the classic gooooooooool!. The English commentary—aside from correcting my reading of country abbreviations, so that I finally knew who was playing—also gave facts about the countries. The facts were given as a list: Costa Rica is in central America; it is next to Panama; its nickname is (I forgot); its language is Spanish.

The presentation style was forced: this was obviously a feature of ESPN coverage, not original commentary. Still, judging on my own experience, which is a conservative reference, a high enough number of Americans know little enough about the outside world to warrant this feature. Good on ESPN for skipping elitism and reading this very basic information—I may know the region Costa Rica is in, but I can appreciate a little embarrassing refresher sometimes.

TV chatter during the boring parts of a soccer game might not be the best way to learn about politics, geography, and culture, but ESPN is doing America a service. If you don’t like it, switch to the Spanish channel.