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This is a static archive of the domnit.org blog,
which Lenny Domnitser wrote between 2006 and 2009.

Shocking News: I Cannot do 100 Push Ups

An update regarding the hundred push ups I wanted to do: I made a six-week schedule that put me at doing 100 push ups today. Weeks 1 and 2 went well. Week 3 I failed so I started to repeat it. Then ultimate practice started so I gave up entirely. That is all.

Obama-Palin 2008

I was listening to Mates of State and saw the news, and inspiration struck. We can stop the bitter political feuding in this country.

Here’s my contribution to the bizarro election.

Black & Tan from Lenny on Vimeo

It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense either way, but if it makes no sense, then perhaps you should read this.

Approaches and Greetings

Inspired by the You Look Nice Today episode Where is the Ham, I would like to catalog several more awkward approaches. All of these are awkward interactions to have with acquaintances you spot.

Too Far Away

This is the one discussed on YLNT. You see each other from far away. When do you greet one another?

Wrong Direction

This starts like Too Far Away, except you have to go in the opposite direction. Your acquaintance already saw you. Do you approach, just wait in place, walk slowly away, or just merrily go on your way?

Busy Acquaintance

The acquaintance is talking on the phone or with a group of people and is too busy to notice you. You walk past so as not to interrupt him, but he says hello, and thinks that you snubbed him.

No Time for Conversation

I mess this up all the time. It is best illustrated graphically.

You are greeted with "What's up?". You answer the question, but the acquaintance has already walked away.

What other horrible greeting scenarios have you been in?

Embarrassment Prevention Protocols

When you send a text message or email, do you fill in the message or the recipient first?

You can’t send without specifying both, but if you add a recipient and only write part of the message (e.g. missing attachments), you can accidentally send it. If you write a complete message and put in a recipient just before sending, you might send it to the wrong person, with potentially devastating results.

I tend to take the devastating route (message first).

I found underwear in my pants.

I changed from gym shorts into the shorts I had on this morning, not yet showered, and so not changed out of my athletic undertrousers.

Packed into a car, bought and ate submarine sandwiches, back to the car, just somewhat uncomfortable. I noticed black fabric protruding from a pant leg. I pulled and pulled until I was holding a complete pair of boxers! What magic? None such, I assured my teammates, I am just inattentive.