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This is a static archive of the domnit.org blog,
which Lenny Domnitser wrote between 2006 and 2009.

Easy Reading

Don’t bother reading this; it’s boring.

Still here?

I took five minutes to hack together an “easy reading” stylesheet for this website, and then another five to fix a couple kinks. Try it.

Here’s what it looks like, half size:


Like it?

If I decide that this is actually something I want to keep, I can make it work with more browsers and across page reloads.

2 comments on Easy Reading

1. Alex says:

I don’t see how it makes reading easy

—Alex, 18 November 2006, 18:00

2. Lenny says:

I think it’s easier on the eyes, though harder on the finger, since you have to scroll more. Anyway, if you don’t like it, it’s not only optional, it’s actually hard to find. Thanks for the feedback.

Hi, dad!

—Lenny, 18 November 2006, 20:02

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