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This is a static archive of the domnit.org blog,
which Lenny Domnitser wrote between 2006 and 2009.

Soma-ch Spirit

I was finding it hard to get into the Christmas spirit, seeing as I’m a Jewish atheist, and it’s still November. Then I remembered the joy I got last year from SomaFM’s Xmas in Frisko, an “annual eclectic, irreverent holiday broadcast”. Thanksgiving is past, which means…it’s back!

Well, my heart lit up as I saw Xmas prominently displayed on Soma’s front page, and it melted when I heard the silly bumper between Louis Armstrong scatting and downbeat techno carols. It’s not really Christmas unless you share it, so here: have a listen. Enjoy it while you can—Christmas is only one twelfth of the year.