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This is a static archive of the domnit.org blog,
which Lenny Domnitser wrote between 2006 and 2009.


Here’s a character I came up with several months ago and never used, quoted directly from my notes:

“The Beekeeper”
Power: mind control
Looks like: me
Beekeeper uses mind control to convince people to throw rocks at beehives.

He’s now available for public use. Comments are open for you to post stories using this character. Please feel no pressure to make a full or non-sucky story; just post whatever you come up with. Though the character lends himself to comedy, any genre is OK.

1 comment on Beekeeper

1. Alex says:


It’s July afternoon. Bees are hot and restless on Widmark Honey Farm in Ulster Co., NY. They are stewing in their beehives sick of daily drudgery of working for a Man. School bus discharges visitors, 3 dozen yarmulke-clad boys from local Hassidic camp. Little do they know that their counselor Mr. Schneyersohn is masked sadistic anti-Semitic infamous Beekeeper. He is not only driving the bus. He drives his charges to commit unspeakable acts. The farmer is not suspecting anything. He says “hello” and is just about to lead the kids on a tour telling them all about the bees. But Mr. Schneyersohn rubs his palms and whispers “eneki beneki yeli vareniki”. Hasidic kids go crazy instantly. They begin throwing rocks pebbles dirt whatever into the beehives. They run around knocking them down laughing maniacally. Out come angry bees! They are 100 times crazier than the crazy Hassids. They sting mercilessly. Air is filled with buzz and cries and yells and ancient Jewish curses. But nothing helps. After 5 minutes of mayhem boys’ faces and limbs are swollen to monstrous proportion and are red and hot as flames. The buzzing subsides. The bees die after losing the sting of course. Nobody moves. Farmer is stunned. Everyone is stunned and stung many times. Near the school bus Mr. Scheyesohn, who did not suffer at all, happily rubs his hands together. Boys are piling into a bus crying and whimpering. Mr. Schneyersohn, Beekeeper, is smiling. Good job! Tomorrow is parent’s day at the camp. What a delicious sight it would be – parents not recognizing their monstrously disfigured kids. O-o-o-h yeah! What a wonderful day it is! And what a wonderful tomorrow!

—Alex, 26 February 2007, 15:31

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