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This is a static archive of the domnit.org blog,
which Lenny Domnitser wrote between 2006 and 2009.

Big Black Gorilla

An anecdote retold from my memory of my father’s memory:

We’re in the car; I’m probably six or seven, and my dad is driving. As a large black man walks by, I ask something like, “what is that big black gorilla doing over there?” Dad becomes sick, wonders how I got the idea to think that, let alone to say it. He looks a little farther up the street, where a man in a gorilla suit is promoting some shop. Dad becomes embarrassed that he suspected me; I don’t even realize anything happened. Around ten years later he tells me about it.

I’m probably getting the story wrong, so comments are open for you to correct the record, dad.

1 comment on Big Black Gorilla

1. Alex says:

Basics are correct and I did feel embarrassed. We are standing at a traffic light. Large black man is working on his lawn and Lenny asks his question. I’ve kept asking: “What are you saying? Just think what are you saying”. Lenny becomes a bit angry repeating the question few times. Finally I follow his gaze and see huge inflatable gorilla on top of Shell gas station.

—Alex, 9 April 2007, 9:50

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