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New Site: A Few URLs

A Few Urls is a new site that lets you put several links in one link. This is occasionally useful when some website asks for one URL, but you really want to stuff in a few.

My use case was to link to the xkcd story arc Choices from del.icio.us. I can imagine that it might also be useful for linking to several related mailing list postings, or something similar, from a site like del.icio.us or Digg.

Take a look at the Choices link above. Notice that the URLs are right there, with commas in between, so if the site ever goes down you can easily figure out what is being pointed to.

Last night I hacked this together, and this morning I fixed the one bug I knew of. Go use it if you ever find yourself in the extremely narrow case where this is nice to have.

1 comment on New Site: A Few URLs

1. Seyora says:

came here from your afewurls site (via lifehacker). I like your clean site layout =) that’s all I was gonna say. have a nice day.

—Seyora, 29 May 2007, 20:47

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