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This is a static archive of the domnit.org blog,
which Lenny Domnitser wrote between 2006 and 2009.

In Soviet Russia, Domain Registers You

The .cs top-level domain does not exist on the Internet, but it was previously used by Czechoslovakia. When Czechoslovakia split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, each country was granted a TLD (.cz and .sk), and .cs was eventually shut down. When ISO made CS the country code for Serbia and Montenegro, Srbija i Crna Gora, the operator for the .yu domain (Yugoslavia) and the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, which manages the DNS root, decided not to use .cs for the new country, expecting the country might split. When it did, the .rs (Serbia) and .me (Montenegro) domains were created.

While .cs has died out through political revolutions, .su lives on as the Soviet Union’s top-level domain. In what signifies both the non-death of Soviet ideology as well as Russian willingness to make a buck on the domain name money machine, even against the will of the global Internet community, .su continues to register new domains. Google indexes around 17 million sites in .su, the top results of which, for what it’s worth, are not too Soviet.