Bottom-of-the-Page Toolbars Suck!

All those bottom-of-the-page toolbars around the Web annoy me. You know the ones, beckoning you to toot this and face that, share share share. They take up valuable vertical screen space.

Here is a bookmarklet that removes most of them:

kill bottom bar

Try it out.

How to use it

Install the bookmarklet by dragging it into your browser’s Bookmarks Toolbar, or otherwise saving it as a bookmark. When you visit a page with a bottom bar, click the bookmark.

It works in Firefox and Chrome, and probably other browsers.

How it works (Why doesn’t it work?)

The bookmarklet works when the bottom bar is implemented in a particular way. It finds and removes page elements that are fixed to the bottom of the screen using CSS code like this:

#social-bullshit-buttons {
  position: fixed;
  bottom: 0;

I’ve found that most bottom bars are written this way, so the bookmarklet is effective against them. The bookmarklet will fail to remove bottom bars implemented differently, and it will sometimes remove other page elements that contain that kind of code. But usually it just works.

, Leonid Domnitser.

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