Ping Pong Ball Flash Diffuser

A simple diffuser for your built-in popup flash.

A typical digital SLR camera has a built-in pop-up flash, which often causes pictures to look washed out. A ping pong ball can be used to make a cheap, disposable flash diffuser, which spreads out and softens flash light.

{diffuser detail photo}

Cut a ping/beer pong ball with a knife (careful!) so that it can fit on the flash securely.

{mounted diffuser photo}

It looks like this when mounted.

I recommend taping on index cards to direct light forward and keep the flash out of your eyes.

Increase the exposure to account for decreased light. I typically add 1.5 EV.

Sample Photos

{no flash sample photo}

No flash, high ISO (not enough light).

{flash sample photo}

Flash (washed out).

{diffused flash sample photo}

Diffused flash (softer light).

, m. , Leonid Domnitser.

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