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Last modified 15 February 2011

Greasemonkey user scripts since 2005

Respek! Actually, the majority of my user scripts are old, obsolete, broken, and unmaintained. These are the good ones:

Current scripts

Google-Anon Un-Anon Add an "Un-Anon" link to the top right corner of results
Google login force SSL Google login is over SSL, but it sometimes redirects to non-SSL pages. Even if GMailSecure is installed, you will hit a non-secure page before being redirected back to https, and your cookie can be stolen.
New Yorker Single Page Loads the article as a single page (i.e. disables pagination)
Wikipedia Modified Warning Shows a warning if an English Wikipedia page has been modified within the last X minutes (default is 5).
Yahoo TV Smart Browse Move to the correct position on the page when browsing earlier or later listings

Useful but unmaintained

Practical Common Lisp footnotes Link footnotes in Practical Common Lisp, or any site that marks up its footnotes the same way
Tiddly Links Turn tiddly links into real links that can be bookmarked, opened in tabs, etc.

More scripts outside this directory

Pinboard Inline Embed media in Pinboard. Only supports YouTube so far.
Latin-Cyrillic (English-Russian) Transliteration Tool Add controls to every text input to enter either normal Latin text, such as English, or to transliterate to Cyrillic, such as Russian. You probably ought to edit this script to add include/exclude rules.

bzr access

This directory is a Bazaar branch. You can download all the scripts with the command:

bzr export domnit-gmscripts

or get the scripts and the entire branch history with the command:

bzr branch domnit-gmscripts

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