Some Poems by Leonid Domnitser

Fuck You (An Ode to Specialized)

Oh, Specialized Infinity tire
I bought you on the road
But if I could go back to that shop
I'd rather kiss a toad

You've been nothing but a headache
With your weak spot in the tread
If I ever have a blowout
I might just end up dead

I suppose today's flat tire
You couldn't really prevent
Although the Schwalbe in the back
Held strong through the event

So once I got back home
I hopped on my computer
And ordered a Schwalbe Marathon Plus
To put on my commuter

Now don't get too offended
I'll rely on you, old chum
At least for a few more days
Until my package comes


When the tractor trailer passes you on your bicycle
Your heart shudders and your reptile brain cries to you,
you athlete,
you sexy environmentalist,
I want to live!

Rosie Bea

Rosie Bea went for a walk
    and stopped to smell a rose
When she leaned a bit too close
    a bee flew in her nose
The bee climbed high and stung the brain
    inside of Rosie's head
To make a longish story short,
    Rosie Bea is dead.

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