Python image steganography

This document lives at <>. If you are reading it elsewhere, it might not be current.


The latest release is stepic-0.3.tar.gz.

If you are using a recent version of Debian or Ubuntu, you can install the python-stepic package. Use the command: sudo aptitude install python-stepic

Graphical User Interface

Rizzy is a graphical steganography tool built on Stepic. It supports AES encryption in addition to plain steganography.

There is also an online utility built on Stepic.


Source code

Source code is managed as a bzr branch. It can be checked out using the command:

bzr get

or can be browsed here.

The latest snapshot of the source code is stepic-0.4~bzr.tar.gz.


Stepic is © 2007 Lenny Domnitser and is release under the GNU GPL 2.