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6 May 2013

I am now hosting a mirror of the Mayonnaise Defense League site.

16 September 2012

New poem: “Fuck You (An Ode to Specialized).”

15 February 2011

The old Greasemonkey scripts page, which was previously just a directory listing, has been updated with an informative web page.

16 December 2010

Best of 2010, a bunch of my favorite photos of 2010, in lieu of a choosy portfolio (on Flickr; slideshow).

I updated the ping pong ball flash diffuser page, which was previously terse to the point of uselessness.

24 October 2010

Remove annoying bottom-of-the-page toolbars.

12 October 2010


18 August 2010

Rosie Bea went for a walk.

3 July 2010

New: personal landing pages.

30 June 2010

New masthead features an unpublished photo from this shoot.

22 June 2010

Easter egg on About.

Update: gone!

4 June 2010

Photos from my NYC trip: 4th Street Ball. (Plus this guy.)

29 May 2010

In light of Congress’s recent vote against Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and President Obama’s proclamation of June as LGBT Pride Month, the June masthead is from a DADT protest. Check it out on the front page.

3 May 2010

New silly thing: petal writer.

30 April 2010

Critters and such from today’s walk.

29 April 2010

May’s masthead is a “behind the scenes” shot (OK, just a wider crop) of the Articles I posted a few weeks ago. Here’s the alternate masthead:


And another.

16 April 2010

Photos from the DADT Protest / LGBT Rights Rally in front of the military recruitment center in Vestal, NY.

14 April 2010

Photos with the Candid Photography Club! B-Mets and downtown. Plus I added to the Soda Project.

New photo exhibit! Articles.

26 March 2010

I posted the April masthead a little early because I’m going on vacation.


This nice guy was having a smoke and let me photograph him. A little further up the street I was confronted by an old immigrant man because I shot him riding his bike. My first ever street photography confrontation!

16 March 2010

It’s almost Spring! Photos from a walk on a beautiful day.

I’ve been meaning to start this for a while: the Binghamton Soda Project. Not much there yet, but I hope to fill it up soon.

13 March 2010

New photo album, wherein I mostly take impromptu portraits.

24 February 2010

I posted a sneak preview of the March masthead.

Unglamorous Binghamton

15 February 2010

Send a letter to the black hole.

12 February 2010

Welcome to the What’s New page. So: was finally re-organized after the end of the blog. The home page lists the table of contents. To see there: the masthead; photo albums (generated from my Flickr photosets).

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